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INVERTO Unicable2 2-Way Combiner 950-2300MHz - pro připojení dvou Unicable2 LNB nebo multipřepínačů

Inverto Combiner suitable for connecting two Unicable2 LNBs or multiswitches

With the help of the Inverto Combinator, you can connect two Unicable2 Inverto multiswitch or LNBs to one receiving unit for receiving several satellites. For this purpose, the LNBs/multiswitch must be programmed accordingly in order to be able to react correctly to the incoming position requests (DiSEqC).

Frequency range: 950-2300MHz Inputs: 2x F-connector
Outputs: 1x F-connector
Insertion damping: 4dB max
Decoupling between connections: 18dB min
Input attenuation: -10dB max
Output damping: -8dB max
DC Passage: Yes
Impedance: 75Ω
Operating temperature: -30 ~ + 60 ° C
Weight: 40g
Measurements: 55x46x25mm

(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)