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Cabelcon vodotěsný lisovací konektor BNCM-56-CX3 4.9 Vhodný pro kabely Draka, Belden,Cavel 6,5mm - jedná se originální výrobek Corning Cabelcon ApS

Multimedia applications

Corning Cabelcon CX3 BNC compression connectors are developed for use in RF, video and digital multimedia applications with excellent performance.

Technical advantages

The common problems with BNC connectors such as time consuming installation, many loose parts to assemble, poor pull off strength and poor return loss (VSWR) have been eliminated with this new CX3 design for RG6/59 cables.

The mechanical and electrical performances are outstanding with excellent pull strength and a remarkable return loss specification: > 30 dB @1GHz.

The Nitin-6™ plating ensures the finest protection against any kind of corrosion.

Characteristic impedance
75 Ohm

Operational to 3000 MHz

Return loss
> 30 dB @1GHz.

Shielding effectiveness
Typical -75 dB
@ 30 - 862 MHz

Insertion loss
Typical 0.05 dB
@ 1GHz.

Pull strength
Typical 145 N

Operational temperatures
From –40° to +70° C


(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)