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DD Octopus Twin CI - Double CI Slot with 2 Expansionports

Common Interface (CI) with Multi Transponder Technology (MTD)
2 CI Slots for 2 independent CAMs on one socket
Up to 2 X 4 decrypted pay TV channels
Only one CAM required to decrypt 4 encrypted pay TV channels. Supports watching one encrypted channel and record several encrypted channels simultaneously.
Notice: This function is not supported by all CAMs and providers.
Notice: MTD is currently supported under windows only.
Data rates
96Mbit for each CAM and adjustable to the CAM
Also supports non common data rates < 72Mbit
Differential data transmission:
Prepared for differential connection of data cables (LVDS) > 400% more throughput (required for UltraHD)
Downward compatible to data transmission with 80 Mbit
Notice: requires two data cables for classic transmission
Expandable module system
Connectable to all Digital Devices Octopus PCIe-, mini PCIe bridge modules and Cine cards
Cascading of CAMs
connect up to 4 CI modules
Separate supply voltage for each CAM
Allows hot plug of CAMs
Green IT
No use of tantal capacitors
No use of electrolyte capacitors
Suitable in very dense cases
Flexible mounting with various brackets and into 3.5“ extension kit.

Power supply
12V only (7V bis 17V)
1 Sherlock connector upright, 1 Sherlock connector horizontal (only one is required)
produced und developed according to european standards, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
Green IT
RoHS compliant
WEEE DE 99353762
Power consumption
< 1 watt plus power consumption of the CAM modules
System requirements
One empty slot, no PCIe slot needed
Tested CAM modules
Mascom Alphacrypt Light + Easy TV
SMIT Irdeto/Cryptoworks
SMIT Viaccess with SRG
Technicrypt CW with ORF
SCM Cryptoworks
Supported operating systems
Linux (ab Kernel 2.6.34)
Microsoft Windows® 7/8(.1)/10
(incl. Windows® Media Center)
H 65mm, L 107,5mm, D 18mm

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