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Cerebro Card-Výprodej

Cerebro Card-Výprodej
  • Cerebro Card-Výprodej
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Standard price: 72.94,- €, you save: 69.51,- € (95%)
2.84,- € excl. VAT
3.43,- €Price incl. VAT
The anticipated delivery of those goods is for 2 days 25.9.2019 in the Wednesday
(recycling fee is counted in the price)   
ISO 7816 Smartcard

Flash: 64 kB

Eeprom: 64 kByte
Crypto: Yes (RSA)
Protokoll: T0, T1, TE
Language: ASM, (C)
Programmable @ 3.57 MHZ
Programmable with Smartmouse
Delivery status: l Empty with OS

Programovatelná pomocí:
Infinity USB Phoenix, Infinity USB Unlimited, Dynamite Programmer, SmartMouse/Phoenix, CAS3
(we reserve the right to change the description and specifications without prior notice)