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Inverto Unicable II 2-way slučovač, 5-2400MHz - IDLU-UCM1O1-OOO2O-OPP

Inverto Unicable II 2-way combiner, 5-2400MHz - IDLU-UCM1O1-OOO2O-OPP

Inverto combiner to connect two Unicable LNB or multi-switch.

Using the Inverto Combiners, connect two Unicable Inverto multiswitch or LNB (not supported by any model) to one receiving unit for receiving several satellites. For this purpose the LNB / multiswitch must be programmed according to the incoming position requests (DiSEqC) react properly. It is for this purpose requires a special programming device that you can purchase or rent from us.
Frequency Range    5 - 2400MHz
Inputs    2x F-Type, female
Output    1x F-Type, female
Insertion Loss    4dB max.
Isolation between ports            
 5-47MHz    8dB
47-2400MHz    16dB min.
Input Return Loss    -10dB max.
Output Return loss    -8dB max.
DC & 22kHz pass from Output to Input    Yes
Impedance    75Ω
Working Temperature    -30 ~ +60°C
Weight    40g
Dimensions    48.5x34.9x14.2mm

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