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Inverto širokopásmové 40mm LNB s horizontálním / vertikálním konektorem pro Unicable II pro Unicable II UWT110 - IDLP-WDB01-OOPRO-OPP"

Wideband LNB for Horizontal / Vertical Alignment. The combination of wideband LNBs and corresponding multi-switches can used to reduced wireing or converting to 2 satellite system standards.

Specifically designed to meet the increasing demand of DTH operators for lower cost MDU and Multi-tuner Home Gateway installations, this professional LNB is based on a single 10.4GHz local oscillator delivering outstanding RF performance over the entire frequency range (L-band) over two output ports (vertical and horizontal) combined with a greater immunity against terrestrial/4G inter-ferences.

Manufactured to the highest industry quality standards and designed to meet strict specifications, this LNB is an ideal solution for a cost-effective reception of one satellite and its distribution to multi-tuner home gateways or to compatible Unicable II (dCSS) wideband multiswitches.

Main Features

• Low Phase Noise, DVB-S2 (HDTV) compliant

• Low Noise Figure

• Low power consumption

• High Cross Polarization Isolation

• High Frequency stability

• Greater immunity against 4G interferences

Wide band I/P Frequency Range    10.70 ~ 12.75 GHz 
O/P Frequency Range    300 ~ 2350 MHz
LO Frequency  @ 25°C    10.4 GHz ± 1 MHz
LO Temperature Drift (-30 ~ +60 °C)    10.4 GHz ± 2 MHz
LO Phase Noise    -80dBc/Hz @ 10KHz
Noise Figure Max dB    1dB Max.
Conversion Gain    50dB ~ 60dB
Gain Variation    5dB (max.)
Gain Flatness (27 MHz)    ±0.5dB/27MHz
Cross Polarization isolation     22dB (min.)
Image Rejection (8.05-10.1 GHz)    40dB (min.)
P1dB    0dBm (min.)
O/P VSWR    2.5:1 (max.)
O/P Spurious    -60dBm (max.) 
DC Power 10-10V max. mA    150mA Max.
Feed Horn Diameter    55mm
Neck Diameter    40mm

Vhodné pouze pro multipřepínač Inverto IDLU-UWT110-CU010-32P 

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