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DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express

DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express
  • DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express
  • DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express
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DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express

QAM modulator

The Resi modulator card - Whether hotel chain, housing association, cruise ship, sports bar or High Density Video / DVB Streaming Server

Present your customers an innovative, sophisticated solution for his project, and most importantly, tailored to the needs of your customers!

The Resi modulator card outputs a compatible data stream in the DVB-C format. For example, DVB-S / S2 channels or even entire transponder will be implemented according to your own conceptions in DVB-C transponder.

Also other outputs on the DVB-C transponders can be made, such as a video stream of a file for the daily program of the hotel (Hotel TV) or even a picture of a surveillance camera.

If you obstruct a CI in the system, you can even pre-decrypted programs for the DVB-C transponder. Offer an already decrypted signal in your Sports Bar, Hotels or similar on several TVs ! With our CIs with MTD technology you can decrypt up to 4 channels simultaneously on different transponders!
(Observe the regulations of your PayTV provider)

Product information "DD RESI DVB-C Modulator Card - PCI Express"
The Resi DVB-C modulator card can feed any DVB sources (HDD, DVB-S, DVB-T, etc.) into an existing 75 ohm coaxial cabling.

For the operation is an application software necessary, which is not included

System houses / Application Developer
For application development are sample programs for Linux and Windows available.


• Frequency range: 113-858 MHz
• All modulations and Code Types for DVB-C specification
• Symbolrates: 6,9 Msymbols
   QAM 16, 32, 64, 128, 256
• 10 transponder, 80MHz coherent
• Output power: in 1 dB steps adjustable
• Output level:
   per 10 active channels:
   output 1 (bottom) 62 - 93 dBµV
   for feeding into the house system
   output 2 (top) 46 - 77 dBµV
   for feeding into a terminal device

   per 1 active channel:
   output 1 (bottom) 76 - 107 dBµV
   for feeding into the house system
   output 2 (top) 61 - 92 dBµV
   for feeding into a terminal device   

• designed and produced to european
   standards, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

Environmental standards:
• RoHS conformity
• WEEE DE 99353762

Power consumption:
• PCIe compliant
• ≈ 15 watts

Supported operating systems:
• Linux (Kernel 3.X.XX)
• Microsoft Windows Vista®
• Microsoft Windows 7® 32 and
  64 Bit

System requirements:
• Dual Core Intel® or AMD® CPU
• 512 MB RAM
• one free PCIe slot (x1 up to x16)

H  2,76 inches
L  5,91 inches
D  0,47 inches

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