DD MAX A8 tuner DVB-C2/T2 TV card (4/8)

DD MAX A8 tuner DVB-C2/T2 TV card (4/8)
  • DD MAX A8 tuner DVB-C2/T2 TV card (4/8)
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MAX A8 tuner DVB-C2/T2 TV card - HD / UHD Octo-Tuner - 8 Tuner - TV card for DVB-C / C2 or DVB-T / T2 for the PCI Express slot.

Product information "8 Tuner TV Card DVB-C2/T2 - DD Max A8 TV Card"

HD / UHD Octo-Tuner - 8 Tuner - TV card for DVB-C / C2 or DVB-T / T2 for the PCI Express slot.

With only one cable Ideal for construction of multimedia PCs and media center systems in the home as well as streaming and recording server for data analysis in the professional field.

The Max A8 is equipped for the reception of transmitters which via DVB-C / C2 or DVB-T / T2 (Digital cable or terrestrial) are disseminated and used for displaying, recording and analysis of MPEG2 (SD / HD H.262) MPEG4 (SD / HD H.264) and HEVC (HD / UHD H.265) signals.

The Max A8 is equipped at the factory with 8 full tuners (Octo Tuner Technology). So you have the option of eight different transponders to receive at the same time. For example you can use this feature to receive up to eight different digital cable or digital terrestrial transponders (frequencies) at same time for recording or streaming multiple channels and watch one or Handle multiple other. Since each tuner works independently are all data from the transponders available.

The Max A8 supports Onecable solution, so that only one supply line to the card is required to supply all the 8 internal tuner.

The Digital Devices MAX A8 can be expanded with an Octopus single CI or Octopus Twin-CI Card over an additional PCIe. Of course also a Flex / DuoFlex-CI device which is connected to a Cine or Octopus Bridge can be used.

Due to the installation height of Full-profile, the Max A8 can fits exclusively in Full profile housing (housing with full-height).

The power consumption is at only 13-16 watts during normal operation (depending on the reception mode).

Please note that for the operation of the card your PC case requires an active cooling.

Drivers are available for the Windows operating system, Windows Server and Linux available for download.

This product was developed and produced in Germany

DVB-C/C2/T/T2 tuners

  • 8 X DVB-C/C2 (cabel-tuner) or
  • 8 X DVB-T/T2 (terrestrial-tuner)
  • Watch one channel and record another channel simultaneously
  • Live TV
  • Timeshift

HDTV H.264 / MPEG4 – 1080p

Support many TV applications

  • Microsoft Windows® Media Center 7/8 DVBViewer, Media Portal, Gen2VDR, MythTV

Differential data transmission

  • Prepared for differential connection of data cables (LVDS) > 400% more throughput (required for UltraHD transponders)
  • Downward compatible to existing data transmission of 80 MBit

Expandable modular system

  • Connection to Octopus NET (20-pin data cable)

DVB-T2 specifications

  • DVB-T2 spezification versionen: 1.1.1, 1.2.1 und 1.3.1
  • DVB-T2 base profile
  • DVB-T2 lite(!) profile

Unicable (master/slave)

  • One antenna cable supports all tuners

Suitable for dense cases


  • Connection via PCIe x1 up to x16 slot

GT-Link Port

  • To connect to Octopus NET (data rate > 1GBit)
  • Notice: Connect to PCI express or GT-Link port

Green IT

  • Power consumption max. 16,3 watts, active cooling required
  • No use of tantal capacitors
  • No use of electrolyte capacitors

Supported operating systems

  • Microsoft Windows® XP/7/8(.1)/10
  • Linux (Kernel 2.6.34 and higher)
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